IT Tools for Business Notes

IT Tools for Business Notes PDF

Date: 31st Jan 2023

In these “IT Tools for Business Notes PDF”, we will equip students with knowledge of excel, PowerPoint, data base and computer handling

We have provided multiple complete IT Tools for Business Notes PDF for any university student of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) to enhance more knowledge about the subject and to score better marks in the exam. Students can easily make use of all these IT Tools for Business Notes PDF by downloading them.

Topics in our IT Tools for Business Notes PDF

The topics we will cover in these IT Tools for Business Notes PDF will be taken from the following list:

Basics of Excel: Concept of worksheets and workbooks, working with multiple worksheets and multiple workbooks, controlling worksheet views. Tables and Charts: formatting, sorting, filtering, chart types, data points and data series, editing and formatting chart, creating spark line graphics. Charts advanced formatting. Formulae and functions: Understanding absolute, relative and mixed referencing, referencing cells in other worksheets and workbooks, correcting common formula errors, working with inbuilt function categories like mathematical, statistical, text, lookup, information, logical, database, date and time and basic financial functions. Consolidating worksheets and workbooks using formulae and data consolidate command.

Analyzing data: Pivot tables, sorting, filtering and grouping items, creating calculated field and calculated item, creating pivot table charts, producing a report with pivot tables. Performing what-if analysis: Types of what if analysis (manual, data tables, scenario manager), what-if analysis in reverse (goal-seek, solver) Exchanging data using clipboard, object linking and embedding. Printing and protecting worksheets: Adjusting margins, creating headers and footers, setting page breaks, changing orientation, creating portable documents and printing data and formulae. Sharing spreadsheets: Lookup and reference functions, Data validation, Auditing tools, Security and protection options, implementing file level security and protecting data within the worksheet.

Power point: Creating presentations, working with graphics, tables and charts, Adding multimedia and Smart Art presentations: Using and applying animation schemes, custom animation, understanding sound file formats and video types, adding music, sound and video clips. Final presentation: Applying transition to slides, controlling transition speed, using hidden slides, using custom shows, using on screen pen and adding and accessing notes during a presentation.

An overview of the internet, basic network architecture and the layered model, internet architecture, network hardware and software considerations, intranets and extranets, The making of world wide web, web system architecture, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Uniform Resource Locator (URL’s) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), cookies.

Building and hosting your website: choosing an ISP, registering a domain name, web promotion, internet marketing techniques, e-cycle of internet marketing, personalization, mobile agents, tracking customers, customer service, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-value Web page design using HTML and CSS: Overview of HTML, basic structure of an HTML document, basic text formatting, links, images, tables, frames, form and introduction to CSS.

Download IT Tools for Business Notes PDF

IT Tools for Business Notes PDF

IT Tools for Business Notes PDF

IT Tools for Business Notes PDF

IT Tools for Business Notes PDF

IT Tools for Business Reference Books List

We have listed the best IT Tools for Business Reference Books that can help in your IT Tools for Business exam preparation: 

  • Senn, J.A.: Information Technology in Business, Prentice Hall.
  • Muthukumaran, B. Information Technology in Management, Oxford

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