Refund and Cancellation of

Refund and Cancellation

The orders are for you to buy products from us. We will accept your offer by issuing a conformation email about the products that you have ordered. These acceptances are subject to your assent to the conditions of sale. No other conditions will be applicable in this context.

Return and Refund Policy

There is no return policy for digital goods. Any purchased product claiming for a refund, must be done so with appropriate proofs. We do offer a refund, i.e, pay the entire purchase price for the product claiming to be dissatisfactory.

If the buyer is unable to use the service, due to some technical glitches, they can reach us at [email protected]

Replacement Conditions

Since our site only provides digital contents like e-books, they are not returnable.

Billing Terms

We collect one time, per-order payments. No partial payments entertained. We accept payment via methods such as UPI, credit card, debit card etc. You pay and we deliver the product to your inbox.

If you’ve made a payment and the transaction failed due to some technical issues, the payment will be considered incomplete and the item will remain checked out in the cart. It is deemed as a purchase only when our database acknowledges the payment.

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