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    Electromagnetic Theory Notes

    Topics in our Electromagnetic Theory Notes PDF

    In these “Electromagnetic Theory Notes PDF”, you will study the concepts learnt in the electricity and magnetism course to understand the properties of electromagnetic waves in vacuum and different media.

    The topics we will cover will be taken from the following list:

    Maxwell Equations: Review of Maxwell’s equations. Displacement Current. Vector and Scalar Potentials. Gauge Transformations: Lorentz and Coulomb Gauge. Poynting’s Theorem and Poynting’s Vector. Electromagnetic (em) Energy Density. Physical Concept of Electromagnetic Field Energy Density. Momentum Density and Angular Momentum Density.

    EM Wave Propagation in Unbounded Media: Plane em waves through vacuum and isotropic dielectric medium: transverse nature, refractive index, dielectric constant, wave impedance. Plane em waves through conducting medium: relaxation time, skin depth, attenuation constant. Wave propagation through dilute plasma: electrical conductivity of ionized gases, plasma frequency, refractive index, skin depth.

    EM Waves in Bounded Media: Boundary conditions at a plane interface between two media. Reflection & Refraction of plane em waves at plane interface between two dielectric media-Laws of Reflection & Refraction. Fresnel’s Formulae for perpendicular & parallel polarization, Brewster’s law. Reflection & Transmission coefficients. Total internal reflection, evanescent waves. Metallic reflection (normal Incidence).

    Polarization of EM Waves: Propagation of em waves in an Anisotropic Media. Symmetric Nature of Dielectric Tensor. Fresnel’s Formula. Uniaxial and Biaxial Crystals. Light Propagation in Uniaxial Crystal. Double Refraction. Polarization by Double Refraction Description of Linear, Circular and Elliptical Polarization. Nicol Prism. Ordinary & extraordinary refractive indices. Production & detection of Plane, Circularly and Elliptically Polarized Light. Phase Retardation Plates: Quarter-Wave and Half-Wave Plates. Babinet Compensator and its Uses. Analysis of Polarized Light.

    Rotatory Polarization: Optical Rotation. Biot’s Laws for Rotatory Polarization. Fresnel’s Theory of optical rotation. Calculation of angle of rotation. Experimental verification of Fresnel’s theory. Specific rotation. Laurent’s half-shade polarimeter.

    Wave Guides: Planar optical wave guides. Planar dielectric wave guide (-d/2 < x < d/2). Condition of continuity at interface. Phase shift on total reflection. Eigenvalue equations. Phase and group velocity of guided waves. Field energy and Power transmission.

    Optical Fibres: Acceptance Angle, Numerical Aperture. Step and Graded Index fibres (Definitions Only). Single and Multiple Mode Fibres.

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    Abc Notes PDF

    Abc Notes PDF
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    Abc Notes PDF

    Abc Notes PDF
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