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    Electricity and Magnetism Notes

    Topics in our Electricity and Magnetism Notes PDF

    In these “Electricity and Magnetism Notes PDF”, you will study the concepts of electromagnetism learnt at school from a more advanced perspective and goes on to build new concepts. The course covers static and dynamic electric and magnetic fields, and the principles of electromagnetic induction. It also includes analysis of electrical circuits and introduction of network theorems. The students will be able to apply the concepts learnt to several real world problems.

    The topics we will cover will be taken from the following list:

    Electric Field and Electric Potential: Electric field: Electric field lines. Electric flux. Gauss Law with applications to charge distributions with spherical, cylindrical and planar symmetry.

    Conservative nature of Electrostatic Field:. Electrostatic Potential. Laplace’s and Poisson equations. The Uniqueness Theorem. Potential and Electric Field of a dipole. Force and Torque on a dipole.

    Electrostatic energy of system of charge:. Electrostatic energy of a charged sphere. Conductors in an electrostatic Field. Surface charge and force on a conductor. Capacitance of a system of charged conductors. Parallel-plate capacitor. Capacitance of an isolated conductor. Method of Images and its application to: (1) Plane Infinite Sheet and (2) Sphere.

    Dielectric Properties of Matter: Electric Field in matter. Polarization, Polarization Charges. Electrical Susceptibility and Dielectric Constant. Capacitor (parallel plate, spherical, cylindrical) filled with dielectric. Displacement vector D. Relations between E, and D. Gauss’ Law in dielectrics.

    Magnetic Field: Magnetic force between current elements and definition of Magnetic Field B. Biot-Savart’s Law and its simple applications: straight wire and circular loop. Current Loop as a Magnetic Dipole and its Dipole Moment (Analogy with Electric Dipole).Ampere’s Circuital Law and its application to (1) Solenoid and (2) Toroid. Properties of B: curl and divergence. Vector Potential. Magnetic Force on (1) point charge (2) current carrying wire (3) between current elements. Torque on a current loop in a uniform Magnetic Field.

    Magnetic Properties of Matter: Magnetization vector (M). Magnetic Intensity (H). Magnetic Susceptibility and permeability. Relation between B, H, M. Ferromagnetism. B-H curve and hysteresis.

    Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday’s Law. Lenz’s Law. Self Inductance and Mutual Inductance. Reciprocity Theorem. Energy stored in a Magnetic Field. Introduction to Maxwell’s Equations. Charge Conservation and Displacement current.

    Electrical Circuits: AC Circuits: Kirchhoff’s laws for AC circuits. Complex Reactance and Impedance. Series LCR Circuit: (1) Resonance, (2) Power Dissipation and (3) Quality Factor, and (4) Band Width. Parallel LCR Circuit.

    Network theorems: Ideal constant-voltage and constant-current Sources. Review of Kirchhoff’s Current Law& Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law. Mesh & Node Analysis. Thevenin theorem, Norton theorem, Superposition theorem, Reciprocity Theorem, Maximum Power Transfer theorem. Applications to dc circuits.

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