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    In these “Applied Dynamics Notes PDF”, you will study the main topics of low-dimensional nonlinear systems, with applications to a wide variety of disciplines, including physics, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, and biology. This course begins with the first order dynamical system and the idea of phase space, flows and trajectories and ends with the elementary fluid dynamics. Students will also appreciate the introduction to chaos and fractals.

    The topics we will cover will be taken from the following list:

    Introduction to Dynamical systems: Definition of a continuous first order dynamical system. The idea of phase space, flows and trajectories. Simple mechanical systems as first order dynamical systems: simple and damped harmonic oscillator. Sketching flows and trajectories in phase space. Fixed points, attractors, stability of fixed points, basin of attraction, notion of qualitative analysis of dynamical systems. Examples of dynamical systems – Population models e.g. exponential growth and decay, logistic growth, predator prey dynamics. Rate equations for chemical reactions e.g. auto catalysis, bistability.

    Introduction to Chaos and Fractals: Chaos in nonlinear equations – Logistic map and Lorenz equations: Dynamics from time series. Parameter dependence- steady, periodic and chaotic states. Cobweb iteration. Fixed points. Defining chaos- a periodic, bounded, deterministic and sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Period- Doubling route to chaos.

    Self-similarity and fractal geometry: Fractals in nature – trees, coastlines, earthquakes, etc. Need for fractal dimension to describe self-similar structure. Deterministic fractal vs. self-similar fractal structure.

    Elementary Fluid Dynamics: Importance of fluids: Fluids in the pure sciences, fluids in technology. Study of fluids: Theoretical approach, experimental fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics. Basic physics of fluids: The continuum hypothesis-concept of fluid element or fluid parcel; Definition of a fluid- shear stress; Fluid properties viscosity, thermal conductivity, mass diffusivity, other fluid properties and equation of state; Flow phenomena- flow dimensionality, steady and unsteady flows, uniform and non-uniform flows, viscous and inviscid flows, incompressible and compressible flows, laminar and turbulent flows, rotational and irrotational flows, separated and unseparated flows. Flow visualization – streamlines, pathlines, Streaklines.

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    Abc Notes PDF

    Abc Notes PDF
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    Abc Notes PDF

    Abc Notes PDF
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