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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) lie at the heart of industrial automation, orchestrating processes with precision and efficiency. These rugged electronic devices enhance productivity across industries by executing commands, monitoring sensors, and driving machinery.

PLC projects provides educational opportunities for college students who wants to acquire new skills and knowledge because they let you learn a lot without paying. You need to be dedicated, curious and take the lead in your learning to get the most out of these free PLC projects.

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1. PLC based Automatic Sorting System using Image Processing

Image processing or computer vision is a technical discipline that deals with searching the ways to automate all the work that a human visual system can do. There is a clear growth and development in the field of automation both in industrial and residential areas.

The product sorting process plays an important role as these industries cannot afford any human errors for sorting products. The use of image processing to automatically sort objects based on their shapes, size or colour is the best method to avoid any type of error.

In this PLC based system, different size objects are placed on the conveyor. At the top, the camera is mounted which is connected to Raspberry Pi. The camera and Raspberry Pi analyse the object and the dimensions of the objects are detected.

Then the signal is sent to the PLC if the object is to be accepted or rejected according to dimensions of the object. Then the Solenoid is actuated and the pneumatic cylinder pushes the rejected object from the conveyor.

PLC based Automatic Sorting System using Image Processing

2. PLC based Automatic Dam Shutter Control System

Dams are typically constructed with a drain or similar mechanism to control water levels in an impoundment for normal maintenance or emergency purposes. A disaster is any event that causes great harm or damage, serious or sudden misfortune.

Dam failures clearly fit this definition. This dam shutter open/close system using plc will overcome such circumstances, it will manage the water level of the water reservoir automatically.

At two different level, water is sensed according to which the gate is closed or open. That is when the water level goes above the threshold mark point level, door opens and it raises buzzer and the solenoid valve opens. When the water level goes down the door shuts automatically.

PLC based Automatic Dam Shutter Control System

3. PLC Based Smart Elevator Control System Project

By implementing plc-based smart elevator projects we can reduce the human efforts, accidents caused due to breakage of rope, efficiency and speed of elevator can also be improved.

Even time can be consumed by using such plc-based elevator controller system. PLC controlled systems plays a vital role in stability and steady state of lift. It guides the lift in what order to stop at Floors, when to close and open the door.

This plc based smart elevator control system project consists of three sensors, on each floor these three sensors senses the load in elevator. On pressing the start button twice, the elevator moves till the second floor. And the press stop button is used to stop the elevator.

As the elevator passes through the respective floors, the colour of the lamp changes. Respective floor will be given respective colour lamp as the elevator reaches to the floor, the respective colour light lamp will glow.

PLC Based Smart Elevator Control System Project

4. PLC Based Intelligent Traffic Control System using Sensors

Traffic signals are the most convenient way of controlling traffic in a busy junction. In many cases, we see that these signs fail to control the traffic successfully when a specific path has got more traffic than alternate paths.

This circumstance makes that specific path more crowdie than alternate paths. In the conventional traffic control system, it may be observed that the time for which the signal light is glowing for a particular road will be always constant.

Handling traffic manually in such regions involves constant manpower with continuous monitoring with conventional hard-wired controlled systems, which makes the system more complicated and difficult.

In this traffic light control system project, we are using traffic density control so that we will be able to monitor the traffic density and control the delay of the traffic signals automatically. The traffic density is done by counting the number of vehicles in each lane and their weight.

PLC Based Intelligent Traffic Control System using Sensors

5. PLC Based Automatic Drainage Water Monitoring & Control System

PLC is the major controlling unit and the drainage level is monitored by supervisory control and data acquisition technique. Automatic drainage water pump monitoring and control system consists of Solenoid valve, gas exhauster, pressure valve, level sensors.

The gas sensor is a device that detects the presence of gases in the drainage pipe area. The toxic and non-toxic gases were separated, by using the gas exhauster. The pressure sensor and the level sensor get activated, to check the water level and the pressure level created inside the pipe.

When the pressure exceeds the certain limit the pressure valve opens. If the water level is high, the compressor operates with minimum pressure. This industrial drainage system is utilized in industries, hospitals, etc.

The gas sensor is a device that detects the presence of gases in the drainage pipe area, often as a part of a safety system.

PLC Based Automatic Drainage Water Monitoring & Control System

6. PLC based Multi-channel Fire Detection & Alarm System Project

Flammable liquids and gases can cause an explosion if they come in contact with a heat source. Welding, torch cutting, and other fire producing work transmits sparks and molten material into the air, which is a common reason for combustible dust or flammable liquid to catch fire.

There are more chances of fire accidents in industries. To overcome such circumstances, we have proposed a Multi-channel fire alarm system. In this fire alarm system, any signal from each fire flame detector at any level is detected and monitored using a monitoring system.

The detectors are placed in such a way that they are parallel in different levels. This plc-based fire alarm system detects smoke, heat etc. the appliance system has buzzer for alarming and motor pump to stop the fire.

Relay drivers are used to switch on/off relay according to PLC output. When the sensors from each level are triggered individually, the main buzzer operates and disconnects the AC power supply.

PLC based Multi-channel Fire Detection & Alarm System Project

7. Temperature Controller System Based on PLC Project

This system consists of “Programmable Logic Controller” or commonly known as “PLC”. The PLC being the industrial grade digital computer provides us the full operational control over the system with the help of programming, also it makes the system fully automated.

As the name suggest, the temperature is monitored using the temperature sensor and the temperatures can be monitored on the LCD module.

There are two set limits of the temperature which can be monitored on the screen on the basis of the current temperature.

One is set on High temperature and the other is set Low temperature, when the temperature of high set reaches above the high temperature level, the DC fan starts and indicates that the set limit is exceeded.

Temperature Controller System Based on PLC Project

8. Automatic Water Level Control System Using PLC Project

This water tank level controller system helps to prevent the overflowing of water from the tank and helps in maintaining the water level. Filling of tank is monitored by two sensors positioned to sense maximum and minimum water levels of tank.

The water level is maintained by using two water level float sensors. One of the float sensors is plotted at bottom of the tank, when the water reaches to the low level then the dc pump from the tumbler 2 gets on to fill the empty tank.

The second float sensor is plotted at the top of the tank to monitor the high rise of the water level. When the water overflows or rises above the threshold, the solenoid valve gets on and passes the water from tumbler 1 to tumbler 2 through the pump.

Green light on the PLC indicates the DC pump is on and Blue light indicates that the solenoid valve is on.

Automatic Water Level Control System Using PLC Project

9. Automatic Pick and Place Conveyor Transfer Using PLC

We have developed a system which has infrared sensor to detect the object and a conveyor which carries the objects to be picked with the help of electromagnet mounted on pneumatic cylinder which gets actuated using solenoid valves and are being placed on other conveyor to reach the destination, thus the flexibility of the system is to meet the requirements.

The system consists of 2 conveyor belts placed at a 90 degree angle. System uses proximity sensors to track products/objects on belt. On detection the system uses a combination of pneumatic cylinders coupled with an electromagnet to pick and place the object on a 90 degree horizontal conveyor and move it to next point.

The proximity sensor on second conveyor is then used to operate the second conveyor on detecting the object on it. The entire system is monitored and operated by PLC to ensure efficient process flow.

Automatic Pick and Place Conveyor Transfer Using PLC

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10. PLC Operated Color Based Product Sorting Machine

Manual sorting is a time consuming and effort intensive process. Automatic sorting systems allow for fast and efficient sorting of products. To demonstrate the sorting system we developed a PLC based sorting system project that uses pneumatic cylinders with color sensors to automate the system.

The system consists of a conveyor belt to carry products and color sensors to sense the color type of the products, the system now utilizes two pneumatic cylinders with solenoid valves to actuate them and to push the product in their respective collection bins.

The color sensor is used to identify object passing on the conveyor based on specific color. As soon as the required color is identified the sensor passes a specific signal to the PLC which in turn operates the respective cylinders to push out products in respective bins.

So this way we have developed the fully automated color based sorting system.

PLC Operated Color Based Product Sorting Machine

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