Industrial Engineering Projects PDF with Documentation

Industrial Engineering Projects

Date: 27th Jan 2023

In this article, you will get the list of Best Industrial Engineering Projects with Documentation PDF. These Industrial Engineering Projects will help you tremendously in preparation for your own Industrial Engineering Project report.

We have provided multiple complete Industrial Engineering Projects with Documentation for any university student of BCA, MCA, BSc, BTech CSE, MTech branch to enhance more knowledge about Industrial Engineering and to score better marks in Industrial Engineering exam. Students can easily make use of all these Industrial Engineering Project reports by downloading them.

Solar Sea Water Desalination Machine With RO UV Purifier

The machine makes use of a 3 stage process to convert salty seawater to pure drinkable water. The system first allows user to pour salty water via a mesh based inlet where large waste like plastic granules or stones, weed etc gets separated. This water is then pumped into a large purification chamber having 3 layers of purifiers including sand and gravel for filtering weed, sand and large salt particles. The output of this process is still salty water but without any particles. This water is then passed on to the second filtration where we use reverse osmosis to filter out salt from the water. Here we use 3 filtration membranes to filter out fresh water from salty water and trap the salt particles in membrane filters.

Solar Sea Water Desalination Machine With RO UV Purifier Industrial Engineering Project

Automatic Wire Cutter And Stripper Machine

The machine consists of a roller based mechanism with a feeder pulley to feed wire from a wire reel or spool. The wire moves through a set of free rollers to the feeder rollers. The feeder rollers are fabricated to insert a non frictional resistance on wire to be pulled. Now we here use a wire cutter and stripper tool for cutting and stripping purpose. The cutter assembly is positioned on a guide rod system. This assembly is moved back and forth by a stepper screw based arrangement. This arrangement is used to switch between cutting and stripping tools.

Automatic Wire Cutter And Stripper Machine Industrial Engineering Project

Dual Side French Fries Maker Machine

This machine uses a scotch yoke mechanism to achieve dual side potato cutting. The system makes use of an AC motor mounted with a reduction gearbox to achieve the power needed for cutting. This gearbox shaft is now mounted with a handle to power a scoth yoke piston in horizontal direction motion. This way we can utilize the motor power consumed in both direction for double speed cutting. The Pistons are attached with a pusher head with rectangular cubes pushing out through the cutting mesh. The motor movement is transferred through the mechanism to force the potatoes through the cutting blade mesh using the pusher head. This allows for parallel potato cutting on both sides of the machine using scotch yoke mechanism.

Dual Side French Fries Maker Machine Industrial Engineering Project

Automatic Bottle Filling & Capping Machine Using PLC

The system makes use of filling using piston and syringe arrangement along with a capping system using motorized arrangement all integrated in a single machine. The entire assembly consists of a conveyor that pushes empty bottles towards the filling head. The filling head is responsible for filling of bottles with water, later this assembly pushes the bottle in a circulating disc, which brings it to the capping station that places a cap on the bottle. The bottle that reaches the cap turning station which is a motorized arrangement responsible for spinning and tightening the cap on bottles. After this step, the assembly pushes the bottle over to the next point where it is rolled down the system as a finished product.

Automatic Bottle Filling & Capping Machine Using PLC Industrial Engineering Project

Colour Product Sorting using Pneumatic Conveyor belt

To demonstrate the sorting system, we develop a PLC based sorting system project that uses pistons with a color sensing system powered by PLC control to achieve this functionality. The sorting system consists of a conveyor belt to carry products from one end to the collection baskets. It consists of a color sensor to sense the type of product using color sense, the system currently utilizes three pistons with piping and control valves to regulate their operations. Two pistons are used to sort two colours and for an already sorted product, the third piston is used which attach to another conveyor. The system is powered by a PLC to manage the sorting system.

Colour Product Sorting using Pneumatic Conveyor belt Industrial Engineering Project

Automatic Sugarcane Bud Cutter Machine

This Automatic Sugarcane Bud Cutter Machine utilizes pneumatic power for automatic sugarcane cutting mechanism. The system makes use of a mini tabletop machine with a powerful motorized arrangement to push an entire sugarcane bud into the machine cutter. Once a sugarcane stick, bud is inserted a rubber gripper roller powered by geared motor is used to drive the stick towards the cutter at a specific rate. A second roller is attached to the system through a screw based arrangement is used to push the sugarcane stick towards the other roller and maintain a grip over the cane. The system is further integrated with a pneumatic cylinder. A cutter blade is attached to the front end of the actuator. The pneumatic cylinder is powered by an external compressor to drive it back and forth using high air pressure.

Automatic Sugarcane Bud Cutter Machine Industrial Engineering Project

Auto Motorized Crispy Dosa Maker Machine

The machine is a double platform based system. The upper rotating platform is a stainless steel platform driven by a motor. This platform rests on a castor based secondary platform for support. We here use a funnel/feeder to pour dosa batter in required amount on the rotating plate.
The platform then moves the batter through a roller to flatten the dosa to the required thickness and make it crisp. The flat dosa then moves ahead slowly on the hot plate so that it gets appropriately crispy. This entire mechanism is driven by a geared motor to achieve the required speed using a gearbox.
The mechanism then consists of a dosa remover that can remove the crisp dosa before it comes back under the batter feeder. The mechanism thus automates the process of dosa making using a motorized system.

Auto Motorized Crispy Dosa Maker Machine Industrial Engineering Project

IOT Industry Automation Using Raspberry Pi

IOT Industry Automation Using Raspberry Pi allows a single industry operator to control industry appliances with ease using Raspberry Pi and IOT Gecko for development. Our proposed system allows for automation of industrial loads to achieve automation over internet. We use IOT gecko for the web server interface and raspberry pi to process and run circuit loads. User is allowed to send commands for machine/load switching over internet using IOT Gecko interface from anywhere in the world over internet. The raspberry processor now captures these commands by internet over wifi connector. Now the raspberry pi processes received data to extract user commands. After getting commands it displays it on an LCD display. Also it switches the loads on/off based on received commands to achieve user desired output. The system thus achieves industry automation over IOT using raspberry pi.

IOT Industry Automation Using Raspberry Pi Industrial Engineering Project

Pneumatic Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

The pneumatic cutting machine ensures exact cutting speed each time to get the consistent cutting result without any break. The machine consists of a pneumatic cylinder fabricated with a linking joint attached to it. This joint is assembled with a cutter blade. We now have a bed to support the material horizontally positioned in front of the cutter. These parts are fitted together in position using a metallic frame. We use pipes and valves to connect the pneumatic cylinder with a compressor through valve arrangement controlled by an electronic circuit. The circuit has 2 push buttons. One button allows for single cut when pushed and other allows for automatic cutting at 1 second intervals and continues operation as long as the button is not pressed again to stop the machine.

Pneumatic Sheet Metal Cutting Machine Industrial Engineering Project

So, these are the Best Industrial Engineering Projects with Documentation PDF available online. We hope our Industrial Engineering Project reports have helped you in creating your own Industrial Engineering Project.

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