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Mechanical Engineering Design Projects with Documentation

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At the heart of innovation, Mechanical Engineering Design transforms concepts into tangible realities. Through CAD software and advanced modeling techniques, engineers breathe life into ideas, shaping products that resonate with functionality and aesthetics.

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1. Automatic Egg Breaker & Yolk Separator Machine

The egg breaker and separator makes use of mechanical as well as pneumatic components to deliver the required operations. We here use pneumatic vacuum pumps with motorized feeders and motorized shell separator arms to achieve the desired operation.

The eggs are collected to be supplied further in the egg tray. The egg try is connected to a narrow conveyor mounted in a slanting angle to drive the eggs through the conveyor in a single line.

The eggs driven through the conveyor are stopped by a vacuum suction mounted arm at the breaker station. The vacuum suction arms are used to hold the egg and another pneumatic piston below the plate drives a blade up the centre of the egg to crack the shell.

The 2 arms are then used to break open the egg by pulling the shell apart from both sides. This mechanism ensures a clean and proper egg break each time.

Automatic Egg Breaker & Yolk Separator Machine

2. Automatic Self Folding Dining Table Voice Activated

The self-folding and unfolding dining table makes use of dual motor drive along with IR Sensors and dual motor folding and unfolding mechanism to achieve this operation.

The system is integrated with a controller based speech recognition system to enable the open and close operation via spoken commands.

When user instructs then dining table to open the command is captured by the controller mic and processed. Now the system checks for obstacles on both sides o divide which side to open on.

If the user command said open the table half, the machine will only open half table on the open side. It user command says open full then the table will move itself on the pen side and then open both the sides to serve as a full dining table.

Automatic Self Folding Dining Table Voice Activated

3. All Weather Rain Proof Hubless Ebike With Sunroof

The hubless design uses rubber roller shaft attached to the motors to drive the rear wheel. The front wheel is supported by a design that uses 2 sets of free rollers to drive the bike while keeping the wheel in place.

The bike body is a mixture of mild steel and aluminium to provide a light weight yet strong frame. The bike body and seat rest on shock absorbers attached to the wheels.

This protects the biker and controller from shocks and vibration to a certain level and improve riding experience. The bike frame now involves a transparent sun protect roof, windshield and side doors to protect rider from sunlight, heat, rain and pollution.

Finally the ebike is equipped with high wattage LED headlights, Taillights, Footrest to make the riding experience enjoyable. Thus our All Weather Rain Proof ebike delivers weather proofing with a hubless ebike experience to take bike riding to the next level.

All Weather Rain Proof Hubless Ebike With Sunroof

4. Design & Fabrication of Unique Hubless Ebike With Suspension

Our mechanism is a chain sprocket free ebike concept wherein our motor can directly power the wheel. The mechanism rests on a uniquely designed wheel driving mechanism. We use 2 x DC motors to Power the back wheel of the bike.

The motors are used to drive the bike using 2 high friction rollers. This allows for a double torque mechanism to drive the backwheel and drive the bike.

Similar mechanism is used but with dummy bearing rollers for a freewheel drive. This mechanism is now attached to the main body via suspension shock absorbers so the the main body dosent feel the bumps.

The mechanism is designed to keep the wheel from being pressed by top load as well as maintaining equal balance in the bike at high speeds. The main body includes the handle for steering, a beautifully designed unique headlight design along with 2 compartments beneath the seat.

Design & Fabrication of Unique Hubless Ebike With Suspension

5. 360° Welding Cutting Rotary Turn Table Welding Positioner

Welding and cutting are the two most prominent operations in the fabrication industry. And both the operations usually require 2 or more people to perform them with speed.

One or two people to hold the work and the other person to perform welding or cutting on the work. Sometimes it is also required to turn the work continuously in case of cylindrical strictures to achieve sealing of the containers using welding.

To ease this task we here design a rotary welding turn table with chuck arrangement to allow for easy welding and cutting operations using a single operator.

The table top welding turntable uses a geared motor arrangement with a firm design to rotate the chuck. This Motorized chuck is mounted on a horizontally movable arrangement so that work can be held in suitable position for the welding/cutting operations.

360° Welding Cutting Rotary Turn Table Welding Positioner

6. Stress Analysis on Spur Gear Using Ansys

Gears are widely used in all types of machinery in the industry. Ever since gear was known for many years before, they become the integral part of every machine. The initial gear drives were simple and a rod inserted mounted axially.

They used to transmit rotational force or circular motion from one part to another. Pair of gears are used with a lower speed cycle.

The main difficulty by this system is when the loads and speed were raised the contact stresses were generated at the tip of contact where materials could not withstand these types of stresses due to high wear and contact area.

An analysis is done on Footstep power generator project where gear driver is used, analysis is done in Ansys software. 50 Nm torque was used for the simulation to avoid failure.

Stress Analysis on Spur Gear Using Ansys

7. Regenerative Braking System Project

We are slowly reaching the age of electric vehicles. The major issue behind the mass use of electric vehicles is the battery charging time and lack of charging stations. So here we propose a regenerative breaking system.

This system allows a vehicle to generate energy each time brakes are applied. The stronger the brakes, the more power is generated. We use friction lining arrangement in a brake drum.

As a drum rotates the friction lining does not tough the drum As soon as brakes are applied, the friction lining touches the drum from inside and moves the motors connected to lining in same direction, thus generating electricity using motors as dynamo.

Thus this system allows for charging car battery each time brakes are applied, thus providing a regenerative braking system. It moves us another step ahead towards a pollution free transportation system.

Regenerative Braking System Project

8. Automated 5D of Robotic Arm Mechanism

Robotic arms are widely used in industries, manufacturing lines and other industrial purposes. Robotic arms are used to implement complex industrial automation functionality which only humans can achieve.

These functionalities include picking up a part and placing it horizontally into another machine or picking parts and placing it in packing boxes and more. So here we propose the design and fabrication of a fully automated robotic arm that can automate various industrial tasks.

Our system consists of an assembly of mounts and parts designed to hold motors in place in order to achieve desired movement. Also it consists of a gripper designed with gear teeth in order to achieve gripping function as per motor rotation.

The system consists of 5 motors needed to achieve the desired movement. A circuit board provided with it allows controlling the movement of the circuit according to the button pressed. This mechanism helps in understanding the working and control flow of industrial robotic arms design and fabrication processes.

Automated 5D of Robotic Arm Mechanism

9. Automated Coconut Scraping Machine

Coconut is widely used in food Industry within industrial food plants as well as at homes. Scraping coconuts is quite a time consuming task. Manually doing so requires a lot of efforts and is not so economical.

So here we propose an automated coconut scraping machine project. It provides fine scraped coconut as desired for food preparation and requires no manual effort. It also does this work in a fraction of time.

The system uses a shaft with holder to hold half cut coconut in place. This holder shaft is held in place by mounts designed for it. Also a frame is made to hold the entire mechanism.

On the other side has another shaft that is mounted horizontally with scraping tool attached to it at one end. At the other end it has a motor attached to the shaft. The motor is powered by our electrical circuit to move the scraper tool and the coconut can be pushed against it to achieve coconut scraping in a short time without much manual effort.

Automated Coconut Scraping Machine

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10. Pedal Powered Water Purifier Project

The design and fabrication of pedal powered water purifier includes sprocket chain system with power generator dynamo along with supporting frame, copper piping interfaced with filters, container with integrated heating element and supporting circuit to achieve this system development.

The system uses a pedal fixed sprocket with chain attached to supply circular force to the dynamo to be driven. The power generated by dynamo is then used to power the heating system which heats up the water in a container to boiling point.

The water before getting heated is passed through filters to remove large particles and basic filtering. The filtered water is boiled to get steam which is then passed through copper pipes in order to drive maximum steam through low temperature copper pipes which provide water on the other end of the pipes.

Pedal Powered Water Purifier Project

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