Biomedical Engineering Projects PDF with Documentation

Biomedical Engineering Projects

Date: 31st Jan 2023

In this article, you will get the list of Best Biomedical Engineering Projects with Documentation PDF. These Biomedical Engineering Projects will help you tremendously in preparation for your own Biomedical Engineering Project report.

We have provided multiple complete Biomedical Engineering Projects with Documentation for any university student of BCA, MCA, BSc, BTech CSE, MTech branch to enhance more knowledge about Biomedical Engineering and to score better marks in Biomedical Engineering exam. Students can easily make use of all these Biomedical Engineering Project reports by downloading them.

Portable COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Storage Box

COVID Vaccines developed to counter the coronavirus threat require special storage provisions in temperature controlled environments. The vaccines will be wasted in case they fall below desired temperatures during storage.
To address this issue we here develop a mini temperature controlled fridge made especially for vaccine storage. We use peltier modules with heatsink and dc fan to operate the modules.
The system makes use of 4 x peltier modules for effective cooling. Each peltier module is integrated with heatsink and cooler fan to cool the heated side of module so we can get effective cooling on the other side. It makes use of an LCD display based panel to allow user to set and control the temperature in fridge.

Portable COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Storage Box Biomedical Engineering Project

DIY Ventilator using Arduino with Blood Oxygen Sensing For Covid Pandemic

A ventilator mechanism must be able to deliver in the range of 10 – 30 breaths per minute, with the ability to adjust rising increments in sets of 2. Along with this the ventilator must have the ability to adjust the air volume pushed into lungs in each breath. The last but now the least is the setting to adjust the time duration for inhalation to exhalation ratio.
Apart from this the ventilator must be able to monitor the patients blood oxygen level and exhaled lung pressure to avoid over/under air pressure simultaneously.
The ventilator we here design and develop using arduino encompasses all these requirements to develop a reliable yet affordable DIY ventilator to help in times of pandemic.
We here use a silicon ventilator bag coupled driven by DC motors with 2 side push mechanism to push the ventilator bag. We use toggle switch for switching and a variable pot to adjust the breath length and the BPM value for the patient.

DIY Ventilator using Arduino with Blood Oxygen Sensing For Covid Pandemic Biomedical Engineering Project

IoT Temperature & Mask Scan Entry System For Covid Prevention

The first step to detect covid is by scanning for fever. Also we need to monitor every person for a mask. We have temperature checking systems for every entrances for scanning but manual temperature scanning has a lot of disadvantages.
we here propose a fully automated temperature scanner and entry provider system. It is a multi purpose system that has a wide range of applications. The system makes use of a contactless temperature scanner and a mask monitor. The scanner is connected directly with a human barrier to bar entry if high temperature or no mask is detected.
The camera is used to scan for mask and temperature sensor for forehead temperature. The raspberry processes the sensor inputs and decides weather the person is to be allowed. In this case the system operates a motor to open the barrier allowing the person to enter the premises. If a person is flagged by system for high temperature or no Mask the system glows the red light and bars the person from entry. Also the face and temperature of person is transmitted over IOT to server for authorities to take action and test the person for covid.

IoT Temperature & Mask Scan Entry System For Covid Prevention Biomedical Engineering Project

IoT Covid Patient Health Monitor in Quarantine

In times of COVID we have special Covid 19 Quarantine centers setup in order to treat covid patients. Since covid is highly infectious it is very important to quarantine covid patients but at the same time doctors need to monitor health of covid patients too. With the increasing number of cases it is becoming difficult to keep a track on the health conditions of s many quarantined patients.
To Solve this issue we here design a remote IOT based health monitor system that allows for remptely monitoring of multiple covid patients over the internet. The system monitors patient heartbeat, temperature and blood pressure using a heartbeat sensor, temperature sensor and BP Sensor respectively.
The system then transmits this data over the internet using wifi transmission by connecting to wifi internet connection. The data is transmitted and received over IOT by IOT Gecko platform to display data of patient remotely. The entire system is run by a microcontroller based circuitry. If any anomaly is detected in patient health pr if the patient presses the emergency help button on IOT device, an alert is sent over IOT remotely.

IoT Covid Patient Health Monitor in Quarantine Biomedical Engineering Project

Dry Handwashing Machine By Fog Disinfection To Save Water

Our machine goes ahead another level to enable even more water saving using a fog based system. The machine is integrated with a tank below it. The tank is filled with water along with any safe herbal disinfectant liquid if required. When the user rubs soap on his/her hands and inserts it into the system, this automatically triggers a water fogging system that converts water in the tank to fog and drives it in the handwash chamber.
Now Fog has the ability to reach all corners of the hand in less than 5 seconds as it is in gaseous state (water vapor). After 5- 15 seconds of water fog exposure the soap on users hand is washed down with the fog. This requires less than 95% of water that would be required in traditional tap based hand washing. The machine consists of a fan to drive in air that is needed to drive the fog into handwash chamber.
The handwash machine is driven by a Atmega based controller system that allows for manual settings. These settings include the time for which the machine must drive the fog for each user. Thus our proposed machine allows for handwashing for disinfection at the same time while saving lots of water.

Dry Handwashing Machine By Fog Disinfection To Save Water Biomedical Engineering Project

IoT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection

The system uses accelerometer and gyro sensor to detect person movements, It can be mounted on persons hand or wheelchair for detection. The sensor is connected to a microcontroller in order to constantly transmit the acceleration data. Now the system keeps monitoring for fall detection and abrupt movement changes in person. A sudden abrupt change with jerk in the system is treated as a fall. Now in case the person did not fall and alarm was false, the system allows to snooze the alert if person presses snooze button in 5 seconds. If person does not press the snooze, system detects person has fallen and automatically triggers alert through wifi connection to alert the loved ones of the person about the situation instantly.

IoT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection Biomedical Engineering Project

So, these are the Best Biomedical Engineering Projects with Documentation PDF available online. We hope our Biomedical Engineering Project reports have helped you in creating your own Biomedical Engineering Project.

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