Mechatronics Projects with Source Code & Documentation

Mechatronics Projects with Documentation

You will always find the updated list of top and best free Mechatronics projects with source code in an easy and quick way. Our Free Mechatronics projects list has projects for beginners, intermediates as well as experts to learn in 2023.

Mechatronics fuses mechanics, electronics, and control engineering to birth smart and adaptive systems. From robotic prosthetics to automated manufacturing lines, mechatronics is the driving force behind devices that seamlessly blend physical and digital realms.

Mechatronics projects provides educational opportunities for college students who wants to acquire new skills and knowledge because they let you learn a lot without paying. You need to be dedicated, curious and take the lead in your learning to get the most out of these free Mechatronics projects.

We have provided multiple complete Mechatronics Projects for any university student to enhance more knowledge about their Mechatronics project and to score better marks in their college exams.

College students can easily make use of all these Mechatronics Projects with Source Code and documentation by downloading them. These Mechatronics Projects with Source Code will help you tremendously in preparation of your own college projects.

1. IoT Instant Contactless Covid Testing Booth Automation

In this IOT Instant Contactless Covid Testing Booth Automation, we automate around 70 % of the manual entry work and allow for a single point and fast covid testing system using IOT.

Our system consists of a camera and speaker combination powered by a raspberry pi based controller and operating circuitry. We hereby use a keypad and button interfaced with the controller for test person ease.

The system totally isolates the test person from the user and also makes the process fast and error free by automating registration process too.

IoT Instant Contactless Covid Testing Booth Automation

2. Electromagnetic Coil Gun 3 Stage

The electromagnetic coil gun makes use of a modern propulsion system that makes use of electromagnetic coils synchronized to launch a projectile at very high speeds. We make use of copper coils, electronic circuitry, capacitors, high strength metal framing to achieve this mechanism.

The coiling plays a very important role in the gun propulsion. We here use a 3 stage coil mechanism to create this gun. This includes 3 coils mounted on a single pipe. The coiling wire guage, turns and length calculations are tweaked a lot to ensure the maximum strength at desired voltage and current strength needed for desired propulsion.

The propulsion coils need to be charged and discharged in a fraction of a second in order to achieve the desired propulsion and not pull back the bullet.

For this purpose we use high voltage capacitors to discharge high voltage and current in the least time to power and discharge the coil in an instant.

Electromagnetic Coil Gun 3 Stage

3. Off Road Adventure Robot with Action Camera Mount

This Off Terrain Adventure Robot with Action Camera Mount is the perfect option for beginners to start their robotics journey.

Equipped with a 300 RPM motor on each wheel, this Robot has more than enough torque to traverse even the roughest terrains with ease.

This Robot steers by varying the rotational direction of the motors on either side- thereby allowing it to turn on a dime and effortlessly get itself out of sticky situations.

This Robot even features an action camera mount, thereby allowing you to record and track your off-road adventures in the first person.

Off Road Adventure Robot with Action Camera Mount

4. Automatic Coil Winding Machine

Coils are used for winding to make motors, transformers and other similar applications. But the winding process is a tricky process as it requires accuracy and becomes a very laborious process if done manually.

Well here we propose an automatic coil winding machine that can automate this process completely. The 2 major factors that are necessary are the no of turns needed and the winding tightness.

Loosely winded coils do not perform as intended hence this is also an important factor. The Auto oil winder machine automates this task using a dual motor arrangement. The system makes use of a DC motor and s stepper motor to drive this system.

The DC motor is used to drive the coiling wheel while the stepper motor is used to drive the toroid core to be winded.

Automatic Coil Winding Machine

5. DIY Fire Extinguisher Drone

DIY Fire Extinguisher Drone system makes use of 4 x Drone motors coupled with a drone frame controlled by a flight controller to operate the drone in a stable condition.

We now use a long range rf remote and receiver pair for transmitting drone control commands to the drone. Also the drone is equipped with a small drone camera for live footage viewing by the user.

We now use an Atmega based circuitry to drive a 3 Arm-based gripper structure to hold the ball. The trigger received by the receiver instructs a servo motor to release a gripper arm thus dropping the ball into the fire.

Thus we hereby propose a fire fighting drone to help fire fighters easily and instantly counter fire threats without risking their lives.

DIY Fire Extinguisher Drone

6. Programmable Robotic Arm Using Arduino

We develop a smartphone controlled programmable robotic arm that can be easily programmed via a smartphone to perform any automated repetitive tasks as desired by user.

The arm makes use of 6 servo motors controlled by an arduino Uno to achieve the task. The programming commands transmitted by app are received by the Bluetooth receiver and passed over to arduino controller.

The controller records movement commands of each servo step and saves it. The controller can now repeat the set of steps so as to execute the entire movement command with desired coordination with each servo to achieve the program repetitively.

Programmable Robotic Arm Using Arduino

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These free projects with source code for college students are ideal for beginners, intermediates as well as experts to learn online in an easy and quick way.

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