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Instrumentation Projects

Date: 27th Jan 2023

In this article, you will get the list of Best Instrumentation Projects with Documentation PDF. These Instrumentation Projects will help you tremendously in preparation for your own Instrumentation Project report.

We have provided multiple complete Instrumentation Projects with Documentation for any university student of BCA, MCA, BSc, BTech CSE, MTech branch to enhance more knowledge about Instrumentation and to score better marks in Instrumentation exam. Students can easily make use of all these Instrumentation Project reports by downloading them.

Head Tilt Controlled Wheelchair for Disabled

This head motion controlled wheelchair has been designed to address and alleviate the issue of independent mobility faced by individuals confined to a wheelchair.
Developed using a six motor mechanism, this wheelchair has been designed for high torque, low-speed operation. Thereby, enabling it to easily climb over ramps and slopes.
This system uses a helmet equipped with an accelerometer. The user wearing the helmet simply needs to tilt their head in the direction they wish to go. Thus, making this wheelchair intuitive and user friendly.
The Head movement of user are captured and transmitted by the controller helmet unit. The helmet unit consists of an accelerometer sensor that is used to record head movement tilting. The sensor values are processed by an atmega microcontroller which decides the tilt direction and this command is then transmitted to the receiver unit via RF wirelessly.

Head Tilt Controlled Wheelchair for Disabled Instrumentation Project

Advanced Mosquito Killer Machine

When a mosquito sucks blood from any creature, it also absorbs viruses bacteria, parasites present in the animal/human blood. These viruses bacteria and parasites are then transmitted to the bloodstream of the next person/animal the mosquito bites through its saliva.
While many of these infection may not directly affect the mosquito health, these mosquito-transmitted infections can lead to immense suffering for humans. Over 390 million humans are infected each year with dengue, and thousands more are affected by Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.
As per WHO, mosquito bites lead to the death of over 1 Million humans every year, most of these are caused by malaria. This makes the mosquito, most dangerous animal/insect in the world. While there are limited ways to prevent mosquito bites, one of them being mosquito killers/traps. Most of these mosquito traps have proven to be rather inefficient in killing mosquitos and don’t show much results. The faults of these machines lies in insufficient research and inability to understand mosquitos. To develop an effective mosquito killer machine we must first understand how a mosquito finds humans.

Advanced Mosquito Killer Machine Instrumentation Project

Portable Induction Cooktop With Time & Temperature Settings

This induction cooktop system delivers all these benefits and allows for a faster and safer cooking experience which is widely needed in this todays world. The system is made to be portable so as to easily carried from kitchen to other rooms or outdoors for flexible cooking/food heating needs.
The system makes use of a microcontroller based circuitry to achieve this task. It has a small control panel with an LCD display to allow user to set the time and temperature settings for cooking. The user can entire time duration of cooking and the temperature of cooking.
Once these settings are entered the system energizes an induction copper coil that is used to achieve the heating. The induction coil is energized as per user provided instructions to provide only desired temperature heating. As soon as the user heating time elapses the heating coil turns off. Also the system sounds a buzzer to notify user that the cooking process has been completed.

Portable Induction Cooktop With Time & Temperature Settings Instrumentation Project

RC Solar Lake Pool Cleaner Drone

Using two powerful electric motors for propulsion, this RC Lake cleaner Drone has been designed to skim and clean the surface of open water bodies such as lakes, ponds, rivers, canals etc.
This system consists of a wire mesh that collects garbage floating on the surface of water bodies as it sails through. Along with helping clean up water bodies, this boat is equipped with Ph and Turbidity sensors that help to map and detect the level of pollution in a water body.
This boat is completely rudderless and steers itself by varying the thrust on either of its motors. Thereby, improving reliability by reducing the number of moving parts.
The six solar panels mounted on its top help to increase the life of its battery and enable it to run for longer hours.

RC Solar Lake Pool Cleaner Drone Instrumentation Project

Electromagnetic Coil Gun 3 Stage

The electromagnetic coil gun makes use of a modern propulsion system that makes use of electromagnetic coils synchronized to launch a projectile at very high speeds. We make use of copper coils, electronic circuitry, capacitors, high strength metal framing to achieve this mechanism.
The coiling plays a very important role in the gun propulsion. We here use a 3 stage coil mechanism to create this gun. This includes 3 coils mounted on a single pipe. The coiling wire guage, turns and length calculations are tweaked a lot to ensure the maximum strength at desired voltage and current strength needed for desired propulsion.
The propulsion coils need to be charged and discharged in a fraction of a second in order to achieve the desired propulsion and not pull back the bullet. For this purpose we use high voltage capacitors to discharge high voltage and current in the least time to power and discharge the coil in an instant.
The bullet is just a piece of mild steel with no butt that is propelled using electromagnetic strength. An lcd display and knob is used to adjust the system parameters in order to achieve desired propulsion.

Electromagnetic Coil Gun 3 Stage Instrumentation Project

Wireless Master Joystick Controller for Robotics

We create a master robotics controller remote that consists of button controller as well as joystick controller that can be used to control robotics arms as well as robotics vehicles. Along with this we here integrate 2 different forms of wireless communication RF as well as Bluetooth so that is compatible with all types of robotics systems.
The controller is a wireless joystick that takes commands from user and allows remote control of robotics systems as per user commands. We here use 4 x push buttons to get button press commands from user and a joystick to transmit steering type commands from user.
The user may choose between transmission medium weather to transmit via blueooth or rf frequency. The controller remote has an on-board switch that allows user to select communication medium. The controller is run by an atmega 328 controller and powered by a small battery for power supply.

Wireless Master Joystick Controller for Robotics Instrumentation Project

Video Calling/Recording Smartphone Stand

The problems with video calling and video recording include maintaining phone alignment and position. User needs to either hold phone in one arm to record or place on a stand on the desk which can record video from bottom up showing users face chin up and ceiling in background. Another issue is face lighting along with charging issue created by charging cable length limitation.
The video calling/video recording stand is made using a strong round base with a steel rod for durability with a soft light dimmable led. The rod allows for height adjustment of the mobile phone holder as per user desires.
The smartphone holder also allows for alignment adjustment. The stand has an LED panel mounted on top of the stand for lighting. The LED brightness can be dimmed by using a variable resistor pot provided on the bottom of stand.
The stand consists of a power input socket with an adapter having a long wire to provide dc supply to the stand. The input power is passed through voltage convertor to power the LED and through a separate voltage converter to bring it to 5V and supply it to the USB port. The USB port can then be used to power the mobile phone through charging cable.

Video Calling/Recording Smartphone Stand Instrumentation Project

Rain Sensing Motorized Umbrella Bag Mounted

We design a smart solution to all umbrella related problems with a customized solution. Our proposed device is a bag pack that has an integrated umbrella with auto rain sensing. The umbrella does not need to be carried separately and both hands of the user are free even when the umbrella is open. Even opening the umbrella is an automatic operation with no manual efforts needed.
The modern umbrella consists of DC motorized system with transparent plastic cover with rain sensor and Arduino controller integrated in a bapack. The rain sensing umbrella system is a unique modern day gadget that changes the way umbrella is used.
The rain sensor is used to detect rain fall. If rainfall is detected, the sensor sends trigger to the arduino controller. The arduino now operates the motors to open the small umbrella shed to protect user from rain. Also umbrella opening and closing operations can be triggered by a button press y the user.

Rain Sensing Motorized Umbrella Bag Mounted Instrumentation Project

Automatic Bed Mattress Deep Cleaning Machine

The system makes use of a smartly designed portable design for ease of usage. The frame is integrated with 4 pivot wheels making it easy to carry. The machine uses a high power vacuum suction motor that is fitted with small nozzles near the mattress feeder to such in dust throughout the mattress as it is fed into the machine. The machine is integrated with a water chamber that allows it to heat up the water and generate steam. This steam is passed through the small nozzles located near the other end of the machine that allows for steam to pass through the entire mattress killing bacteria, moulds and other odor creating agents.
The third stage is the scrubber mechanism that keeps rotating thus scrubbing the mattress as it pass through the machine. This helps remove stains and allows for surface cleaning of the mattress. Addition of essential oils in the water chamber allows for more effective bacteria killing, odor removals and adding a fresh fragrance to the cleaned mattress. This the machines makes deep mattress cleaning easier as well as more effective.

Automatic Bed Mattress Deep Cleaning Machine Instrumentation Project

Solar Vacuum Cleaner & Floor Cleaner Robot

This Solar Vacuum Cleaner & Floor Cleaner Robot makes cleaning outdoor spaces, terraces, open restaurants, large campus etc very easy. The system is made to help cleaners clean large open spaces without any physical effort and without the need to constantly charge the robot.
The robot is built to help in daily cleaning tasks and simplify it. It brings together both dry and wet cleaning operations using a vacuum cleaner as well as wet cleaning brush.
The robot is controlled by an RF remote. The remote is used by user to send movement commands to the user. The robot consists of an rf receiver circuitry to receive movement commands and operate the moors to achieve desired movement.
The robot uses a battery that is constantly charged by a solar panel as it is drained by the motors. This provides a longer battery life when it is exposed to sun rays. The system consists of a vacuum cleaner with added ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection.

Solar Vacuum Cleaner & Floor Cleaner Robot Instrumentation Project

So, these are the Best Instrumentation Projects with Documentation PDF available online. We hope our Instrumentation Project reports have helped you in creating your own Instrumentation Project.

TutorialsDuniya wishes you Happy Learning! 🙂

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