Handwritten Electrical Machines Notes pdf lecture Download

Electrical Machines Notes PDF

Date: 3rd Feb 2023

In these “Electrical Machines Notes PDF”, we will study High Voltage Electrical and Electronic systems. It deals with the working, construction, and principle of DC and AC machines. These notes cover the concept of control of speed, generation of Torque, various losses, efficiency, etc. of the electromechanical machines such as motors and generators in the real world. The understanding of mathematical relations between the various parameters gives an in-depth knowledge of the dependence of characteristics of these machines to optimize the output response under a given condition.

We have provided multiple complete electrical machines handwritten notes pdf for any university student of Bachelor of Science BSc Electronics Hons or MSc Electronics to enhance more knowledge about the subject and to score better marks in the exam. Students can easily make use of all these electrical machines short notes pdf by downloading them.

Topics in our Electrical Machines pdf Notes

The topics we will cover in these Electrical Machines pdf Notes will be taken from the following list:

DC Machines: Basic constructional features and physical principles involved in electrical machines, armature winding (ac and dc), lap and wave connections, different types of pitches.

D.C. Generators: Construction and principles of operation, brief idea about armature reaction and commutation, E.M.F. Equation, Methods of excitation, and Characteristics of Self-excited and separately (Shunt, Compound, and Series) excited generators, Losses and efficiency, applications.

D.C. Motors: Comparison of generator and motor action & interchangeability, principle of operation, significance of back EMF, maximum power, Torque and speed relation, Characteristics of series, shunt and Compound excited motors & applications, losses & efficiency, necessity of motor starters, Three-point starter, Speed control of DC motors, electronic speed control of DC motors, electric braking.

Transformers: Types of transformers, Transformer Construction, EMF equation, No-load operation, operation under load, Phasor diagram, equivalent circuit of transformer, Transformer Losses, Voltage regulation, condition for maximum efficiency, All day efficiency, Short circuit and open circuit tests, Auto transformers.

Polyphase Circuits: Polyphase circuits, three-phase transformers, delta-delta, and delta –Y connection.

Poly Phase Induction Motors: General constructional features, Types of rotors, Rotating magnetic field (Ferrari‘s Principle), Induction motor as a generalized transformer, equivalent circuit, Production of torque, Slip, Torque equation, Torque-slip characteristics, Speed control of Induction motor. Comparison with DC motor.

Single Phase Motors: Single-phase induction motors, Construction, principle of operation based on starting methods, Split phase motors, capacitor start motors, capacitor start & run motors, Reluctance Motor, Stepper Motor, Single phase a.c. series motors, Universal motor.

Synchronous Machines: Brief construction details of three-phase synchronous generators, E.M.F. equation, Principle of operation of synchronous motor, methods of starting, factors for failure to start, applications, comparison of synchronous and induction motor.

Download Electrical Machines PDF Notes

Electrical Machines Notes pdf

Electrical Machines Notes pdf
Source: vssut.ac.in

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Electrical Machines pdf Notes

Electrical Machines pdf Notes
Source: iare.ac.in

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electrical machines short notes pdf

Electrical machines short notes pdf
Source: jcboseust.ac.in

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electrical machines handwritten notes pdf

Electrical machines handwritten notes pdf
Source: nptel.ac.in

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dc machines handwritten notes pdf

DC Machines Handwritten Notes pdf
Source: electrical-engineering-portal.com

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transformers handwritten notes pdf

Transformers handwritten notes pdf
Source: gradeup.co

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electrical machines lecture notes pdf

Electrical machines lecture notes pdf
Source: academia.edu

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electrical machines 1 handwritten notes pdf

Electrical machines 1 handwritten notes pdf
Source: ocw.mit.edu

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Electrical Machines Books List

We have listed the best Electrical Machines Books that can help in your Electrical Machines exam preparation: 

  • B.L. Thareja, A.K. Thareja, A Textbook of Electrical Technology-Vol-II, S.Chand
  • J.B. Gupta, Electrical Technology (Electrical Machines), Katsons
  • I. J. Nagrath and D. P. Kothari, Electrical Machines, Tata McGraw Hill
  • G. Mc. Pherson, An introduction to Electrical Machines & Transformers, John Wiley & Sons
  • H. Cotton, Advanced Electrical Technology, CBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi
  • S. Ghose, Electrical Machines, Pearson Education
  • N. K. De and P. K. De, Electric Drives, Prentice Hall of India

Electronics Notes PDF

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Handwritten Electrical Machines Notes pdf lecture Download

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