IGNOU Assignment Submission Online 2024 Guidelines & Link

IGNOU Assignment Submission through Website, Google Form & Email

IGNOU Assignment Submission 2024 can be done by IGNOU students online through IGNOU official Website, Google Form & Email (if available).

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is the largest university in the world in terms of student enrolment, with over 40 lakh students enrolled in its various programmes at Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate (PG) and Doctoral levels.

IGNOU assignments are an important part of the final grade card and they are usually submitted at the end of each semester before the conduct of Term End Examination (TEE) which is conducted twice a year.

IGNOU assignments can be submitted online as well as offline. However, online submission may take time and marks may not be updated if done incorrectly.

Submitting IGNOU assignments online properly will ensure that IGNOU students are properly assessed for each semester and are also eligible to appear for the upcoming TEE.

IGNOU assignment submission last date for the Term-end examination (TEE) June 2024 has been extended until 30th April 2024. This allows IGNOU students to ensure their eligibility to appear in the upcoming June 2024 exams by submitting their assignments.

IGNOU uses a variety of methods to deliver its programs to students, including self-study materials, print and electronic media and regional study centres.

Front page of IGNOU assignment should have all the necessary details such as Name, Enrolment number, Program, Address of the study center, Mobile number and Email address etc.

ignou assignment submission online 2024

How to Submit IGNOU Assignment 2024 Online

IGNOU students can submit their IGNOU Assignment 2024 by 3 ways as given below:

  1. Submit IGNOU Assignments through IGNOU Website
  2. Submit IGNOU Assignments through Google Form
  3. Submit IGNOU Assignments through Email (if available)

Submit IGNOU Assignment 2024 through IGNOU Website

Steps to submit IGNOU Assignment 2024 through IGNOU website are as follows:

  1. Visit IGNOU official website (ignou.ac.in)
  2. Access the student portal by clicking on the ‘Student Zone’ link in the menu.
  3. Log in using your enrollment number and password to enter the student portal.
  4. After log in, click on the ‘Assignments’ tab to proceed with your IGNOU assignment submission process.
  5. Click on the ‘Submit Assignment’ link.
  6. Now, select the assignment code and session for which you want to submit the assignment.
  7. Upload a properly scanned copy of your assignment in PDF format to the IGNOU portal.
  8. Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ button to successfully upload your IGNOU assignment 2024 for evaluation.

Submit IGNOU Assignment 2024 Through Google Form

Steps to submit IGNOU Assignment 2024 through Google Form are as follows:

  1. IGNOU students should click on the link provided to their dedicated regional center.
  2. Now, fill the google form with all the required information correctly, such as Name, enrollment number, section, subject name, subject code, course name, course year etc.
  3. Ensure that your assignment is scanned and saved in PDF format before uploading it to the submission portal 3 .
  4. Upload a properly scanned copy of your assignment in PDF format.
  5. After uploading your IGNOU assignment, verify all the details and click on ‘Submit’ button to finalize your IGNOU assignment submission process.
  6. Click on the ‘send a response on the mail’ option to get a copy of your response.

Submit IGNOU Assignment 2024 through Email (if available)

IGNOU Students have the flexibility to submit their assignments via email but this option may not be available for all assignments as it varies based the faculty and how they want their assignments.

It is essential to confirm the availability of the email submission option bia email and ensure that the correct email ID is used for submission.

Important Guidelines to Remember Before Submitting IGNOU Assignment 2024

IGNOU Students must follow all important guidelines before submitting their assignment online to avoid rejection of their IGNOU assignment 2024.

  1. IGNOU only accepts handwritten assignments and typed assignments are not permitted.
  2. IGNOU assignment document must be in a PDF format.
  3. Ensure that the scanned assignment is clearly readable and avoid submitting blurry images in the assignment pdf to avoid loosing marks.
  4. IGNOU assignment pdf file should be saved with your name and the maximum assignment file size limit should be under 100 MB.
  5. IGNOU students should only enter their email ID while submitting their IGNOU assignment
  6. Do not submit the IGNOU assignment pdf multiple times to avoid any confusion.
  7. If a student has submitted a hard-copy of their IGNOU assignment then online submission is not needed.
  8. IGNOU students should ensure that only the required assignment pdf are submitted and not any other projects or documents.
  9. In case of issues with online submission of IGNOU assignment, students can also submit a hard copy of their IGNOU assignment directly to the institution.
  10. IGNOU students should avoid submitting locked or password-protected IGNOU assignment pdf files because assignments with such restrictions will be rejected.

How many times can you Submit IGNOU Assignments in a Year?

The number of times IGNOU students have to submit their assignments are determined by the type of program they are enrolled at IGNOU as it has 2 systems of programs: semester and year.

  • If you are appearing for IGNOU exams twice a year such as for courses like BCA, MCA, MBA, B.Com and M.com then you are in a semester program and you have to submit your IGNOU assignment twice a year.
  • If you are appear for IGNOU exams only once a year then you are in an annual program and you have to submit your IGNOU assignment once a year.

IGNOU students must login to their admissions portal to check if their program is half-year (semester) or full-year (year).

When to Submit IGNOU Assignments Online?

IGNOU Students should always refer to the IGNOU website to find the most up-to-date information regarding IGNOU assignment submission deadlines. Generally, the deadline for the June session is in April and deadline for the December TEE is in October.

Check the official IGNOU website regularly for any changes or updates is crucial to ensure timely submission of assignments.

How are IGNOU Assignments Evaluated?

IGNOU students should follow all the IGNOU Assignments Evaluated criteria upon which assignments are evaluated by IGNOU faculties to achieve high marks in their IGNOU assignments submitted online or offline.

IGNOU Assignments Evaluated criteria are as follows:

  1. Content: The faculty will evaluate the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and relevance of the assignment’s content to the given topic.
  2. Grammar and Spelling: The teacher will evaluate the grammar and spelling of the assignment to ensure that it is free of errors.
  3. Structure: Faculty will evaluate the structure of the assignment to ensure that it is well-organized and easy to follow.
  4. Originality: Faculty will check the originality of the assignment to ensure that it is plagiarism free.
  5. Presentation: Faculty will evaluate the presentation of the assignment to ensure that it is neat and well-formatted.
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