Microprocessors Guidelines and Practical List PDF

Microprocessors Guidelines and Practical List

Course Objective: This course introduces internal architecture, programming model of Intel Microprocessors (8086 – Pentium) and assembly language programming using an assembler. Students will also learn interfacing of memory and I/O devices with microprocessor.

Microprocessors Guidelines

Microprocessor architecture: Internal architecture, Programming Model, Addressing modes, Data movement instructions.

Microprocessor programming: Register Organization, instruction formats, Program control instructions, assembly language

Interfacing: Bus timings, Memory address decoding, cache memory and cache controllers, I/O interface, keyboard, timer, Interrupt controller, DMA controller, video controllers, communication interfaces.

Data transfer schemes: Synchronous data transfer, asynchronous data transfer, interrupt driven data transfer, DMA mode data transfer.

Microprocessor controllers: I/O controllers, interrupt controller, DMA controller, USART controller.

Advance microprocessor architecture: CISC architecture, RISC architecture, superscalar architecture, multicore architecture.

Microprocessors Reference Books:

  1. Brey, B.B.(2009). The Intel Microprocessors: Architecture, Programming and Interfacing. 8th edition. Pearson Education.

  2. Triebel, W.A., & Singh, A. (2002). The 8088 and 8086 Microprocessors Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware and Applications. 4th edition. Pearson Education.

Microprocessors Practicals List

  1. Write a program for 32-bit binary division and multiplication.

  2. Write a program for 32-bit BCD addition and subtraction.

  3. Write a program for Linear search and binary search.

  4. Write a program to add and subtract two arrays.

  5. Write a program for binary to ascii conversion.

  6. Write a program for ascii to binary conversion.

Source: https://www.du.ac.in

Download Microprocessors Guidelines and Programs List PDF

Microprocessors Guidelines and Programs List PDF

Microprocessors Guidelines and Programs List
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