Top 10 Best Vue JS Courses & Online Tutorials Certificate

Top 10 Best Vue JS Courses with Certificate

Date: 18th Jul 2024

If you’re willing to learn Vue JS, you will always find the updated list of all the Top 10 Best Vue JS Courses & Online Tutorials with Certificate available on Udemy in July 2024.

This Online Best Vue JS Courses list includes both paid and free Udemy Vue JS courses to help you learn Vue JS online in July 2024. These Udemy Best Vue JS Tutorials are ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as experts to learn Vue JS online in an easy and quick way.

You can explore either online or offline download these Udemy Best Vue JS Courses with Certificate by enrolling them and you can easily learn from these Online Best Vue JS Udemy Tutorials with Certificate anytime, from any device, and at your own speed.

All the Online Vue JS courses listed here are the Highest rated & Best Selling Vue JS Udemy courses in July 2024. So, you can enroll in these Best Vue JS Udemy Courses with Certificate just by clicking on the corresponding udemy Vue JS course link.

After enrolling in a Vue JS Udemy course, you have to complete that online Vue JS Udemy course to get the certificate of completion from Udemy.

You can easily share your Vue JS Udemy course Certificate in the Certification section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

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Vue is an extremely popular front-end Javascript framework made for developing dynamic and interactive web apps. Vue has grown tremendously in popularity in the last few years and is poised to overtake even React and Angular as the king of all web frameworks.

1. Vue JS – The Complete Guide

Best Vue JS Courses & Online Tutorials with Certificate

This Vue JS course teaches the latest version of Vue JS (Vue.js 3) from the ground up and in great detail. This Vue JS course will cover all the core basics and dives into advanced concepts like the Composition API introduced with Vue 3.

Frontend frameworks like Vue JS are extremely popular because they give us this reactive, great user experience we know from mobile apps – but now in the browser! No wonder that jobs requiring frontend framework skills like VueJS are amongst the best paid ones in the industry!

You may know Angular 2+ and ReactJS, well, VueJS combines the best of both frameworks and makes building anything from small widgets to big, enterprise-level apps a breeze and a whole lot of fun!

All these topics are taught with real examples and demo projects. This Vue JS course is full of exercises, challenges and bigger courser projects that allow you to practice what you learned.

2. Build Web Apps with Vue JS 3 & Firebase

Build Web Apps with Vue JS 3 & Firebase

This Vue JS course will take you from novice to ninja in Vue JS 3, starting out with the very basics and then moving on towards creating fully-fledged Vue applications. you will spend a whole chapter learning about the Vue Router – and how to create SPA’s (single page applications) using it – as well as exploring how to use the Vue CLI to get up and running quickly when creating slightly larger Vue applications.

You will also dive deep into the newest features Vue 3 has to offer, including a lot about the Composition API & Composable Functions.

You will also learn how to use Firebase which is an online & free service provided by Google which will act as a feature-rich back-end to our Vue applications. We’ll learn how to use Firebase to store and retrieve real-time data to and from a NoSQL database called Firestore, as well as authenticate our app’s users with the Firebase Auth service.

You will also take a peak at Firebase Storage (which will enable us to allow users to upload images on our Vue sites), as well as deploying all of our applications to Firebase hosting. Along the way you will create several full projects, including a reaction timer, project tracker, a blog, a real-time chatroom & a music playlist website.

By the end of this Vue JS course you’ll be in a position to create full-stack web applications (complete with user authentication) using Vue 3 and Firebase!

3. Vue JS 2.0 – Mastering Web Apps

Vue JS 2.0 - Mastering Web Apps

This project-based Vue JS course will have you coding right away. By building five carefully thought-out example applications, you will sharpen your skills in modern web development.

First, learn the essentials of Vue JS 2.0 by going through the main concepts and syntax. Then, build your first single-page app with Vue.

Second, create an application that handles HTTP Web Requests in Vue JS and uses a public API. Extend upon this application next, learning VueRouter for multi-page applications. Fourth, build an application that works with Vuex to manage data.

Finally, cap it all off by building an app with full authentication and a real-time database. You’ll not only learn Vue JS 2.0, but essential libraries like VueRouter and Vuex.

4. Vue JS Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router

Vue JS Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router

In this Vue JS course, you’ll get a deep understanding of how Vuex works and how it works so well with Vue JS by getting plenty of practice fetching data, storing it, and then retrieving it for use inside of a Vue application.

Vue Router is used to navigate users around to different pages in a single-page application. Vue Router is incredibly simple to get started with and you’ll master its inner workings.

What you will learn?

  • Understand how to create interesting Vue applications
  • Navigate users between pages using Vue Router
  • Use Vuex to manage and update data stored in the application state
  • Authenticate users with an advanced OAuth2 flow

5. Vue JS Essentials

Vue JS Essentials

In this Vue JS course, you’ll build 3 real-world Vue JS apps that take you from the very basics of Vue JS to the cutting edge.

What you will learn?

  • All Vue concepts from beginner to advanced
  • Setup VueJS environment with development tools including Webpack
  • Create a universal application with server-side rendering
  • Cutting-edge features like Single File Components, Render functions, and Server-Side Rendering

6. Vue JS 2: From Beginner to Professional

Vue JS 2: From Beginner to Professional

In this Vue JS course, you will learn how to build reactive web applications at any scale with Vue JS. You will learn the theory that you need to know about Vue JS, and you will be building several example applications as you go along, demonstrating the explained concepts in practice.

This Vue JS course starts from scratch by teaching you how to build a “Hello World” application in Vue JS and moves towards building advanced applications step by step. By the end of this course, you will be able to build complex and large web applications with Vue JS.

What you will learn?

  • How to build advanced Vue.js applications
  • Communicating with servers with HTTP
  • How to build single-page applications
  • How to manage state in large applications with Vuex

7. Complete Vue JS Course: Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js

Complete Vue JS Course: Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js

This course is designed for students with zero ES6 foundation, BUT you do need to know basic ES5. If you know how to set background color for a DIV using native JavaScript and jQuery, then you are good to go.

This Vue JS course is made of 2 stages:

In stage one, you will learn Vue JS basics like Vue instance, directives, components, etc.

In stage two, you will learn Vue JS single-file component, Vue router, VueX, and a Vue UI library called iView.

Between stages one and two, you will learn the command line, npm, Babel, and Webpack. You need these skills to take the leap from stage one to stage two. A frontend program alone is useless until it is connected to the backend program and database.

Throughout this Vue JS course, you will be working on several projects so that you will always have a chance to practice and apply what you have learned.

Why should you take this course?

8. Complete Vue JS 3

Complete Vue JS 3

This Vue JS course covers the traditional way of building Vue apps – the Options API as well as the new Composition API, and even see how you can mix and match them together.

There are 8 modules; 4 introduce fundamental skills (Options API, Composition API, Vuex, and Vue Router) and the remaining 4 modules are projects, so you can see how to apply the fundamental skills in real apps.

After learning both the Options and Composition API, you will see how to use them both with Vuex and Vue Router, and talk about the different use-cases and trade-offs to consider.

Finally, as you progress through, your focus starts to shift from not only how to build apps with Vue, but to thinking about how we architect things; how components should communicate, where data should be saved (also known as state management), and how it flows through the app.

After covering Vue JS, we look at Vuex, Vue’s state management solution, and Vue Router, for front-end routing. The course culminates with a capstone project, using the 3 core Vue libraries (Vue, Vuex, Vue Router) to build an application.

9. The complete Vue JS course

The complete Vue JS course

In this Vue JS course, you will start from the very beginning to actually understanding how Vue works and make it communicate with other technologies like Firebase and Node js.

You will learn all the logic and practice behind Vue JS in different modules, and as you advance through the Vue JS course you will be increasing the difficulty.

After each important section, you will put everything into practice with some course projects, and after you have a strong base of Vue JS you will journey into Routes, VUEX, and Authentication.

10. Learn Vue JS introduction to simple reactive JavaScript

Learn Vue JS introduction to simple reactive JavaScript

This Vue JS course is an introduction to using Vue JS which is a JavaScript library that provides easy-to-use reactive technology. It’s the perfect starting point for more complex frameworks such as Angular.

You will learn to create reactive JavaScript applications. Vue JS lets you use your data effectively binding data to the DOM and using it within HTML elements.

Vue JS is flexible, simple, and easy to use. You will be amazed at what you can do with Vuejs and how easy it is. It’s similar to Angular JS but much much easier to get the hang of. Use Vuejs to bind data to the DOM and sync to create reactive effects. Once the binding is set up the DOM keeps data and elements in sync.

This Vue JS course will get you started creating your own reactive applications.  Start binding your data and create amazing effects for your application users.

So, this is the updated list of all the Top 10 Best Vue JS Courses & Online Tutorials with Certificate available on Udemy in July 2024. We hope our Best Vue JS online Courses list has helped you to find out the Best Vue JS Course on Udemy.

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