Which RRB NTPC Job Post Would Be Ideal To Choose?

Which RRB NTPC Job Post Would Be Ideal To Choose?

Once a candidate is graduate or undergraduate, he starts contemplating a bright future. RRB is known for introducing outstanding job posts coming up with excellent job salaries. RRB is responsible for conducting the RRB NTPC exam in respect of different types of non-technical categories. You may choose the right one going with your interest, RRB NTPC Eligibility Criteria, and skills. Since these job posts are ideal for candidates who are a graduate or undergraduate, several students do prepare for it by putting the best efforts.

Whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate, RRB comes up with different job posts for you. RRB NTPC Recruitment introduces different types of non-technical categories. It means you can apply for this job post once you have done your 12th class. You may apply for any of these such as Goods Guard, Traffic Assistant, Time Keeper, and Ticket Clerk, And So On.

Since there are so many job posts available to choose from, candidates generally get confused about which job post would be better according to their vacancies. Here, we are going to focus on that so that you could have much needed clarity.

Undergraduate Job Posts –

If you are an undergraduate then you may go with any of these most popular job post such as –

  • Junior Clerk Cum Typist – You will be entitled to do typist oriented work along with junior clerk oriented tasks. There are several vacancies for this job post. You need to work on your typing speed along with increasing your theory-based knowledge.
  • Accounts Clerk Cum Typist – If you have an interest in accounts oriented jobs then you may go with this vacancy indeed. Since it also comes with cum-typist thing, you need to emphasize your typing skill too.
  • Junior Time Keeper – You may go with the option of Junior Time Keeper too since a handsome salary and other benefits do come up with this job post. You will be required to maintain different records and submit to seniors.
  • Trains Clerk – You may go with the job option of trains clerk as it is also high in demand because of its incredible benefits. Being on this job post, you would be responsible for doing different job duties such as preparing train documents, maintaining records related to several railway yards, and so on. You would be sharing this information in RNT so that all needed records will be there.
  • Commercial Cum Ticket Clerk – Being a ticket clerk, you will be assigned to check tickets and do related job tasks so that everything could go in a highly disciplined manner.

Graduate Job Posts –

If you are graduated then you may go with any of these below-mentioned job posts. Let’s check it out in a detailed manner –

  • Senior Time Keeper – Being a senior timekeeper, you would be responsible to maintain different types of records. You will be assisting different things including the movement of trains so that accurate track of time could be maintained in an ideal manner. You will be trained so that you get pro at handling all this. You will be working in shift.
  • Station Master – If you are a graduate and want to be a station-master, it is also an ideal job post indeed. You will be responsible for management and handling different station related job duties. You need to be active to do all this.
  • Junior Account Assistant Cum Typist – Talking about the job duties, you will be responsible to be in charge of doing various job duties. You might be asked to do a bill clearing thing. You can be asked to assist the buying department or you may be hired to do budget analyzing related tasks. Stock verification can also be on the list of your job duties.
  • Good Guard – You will be having a handsome salary and other benefits if you go with the post of Good Guard. You will be maintaining the records of running trains. You will be entitled to do vehicle guidance. Written documents need to be prepared to add the record of wagons, load tonnage, and so on.

It does not matter what job post you want to choose since each one comes up with different features and salary packages. Go with your favorite one after analyzing all these things in a better way.

In The Last –

When you have so many options, you must not get late to choose the right one indeed. It is time to make a bright career indeed. We wish you would be getting a high score to get hired on your dream job indeed.