Python Features

Python programming language provides lots of features which are listed as follows:

1. Easy to Learn: It is very easy to learn and use because of its simple and developer-friendly syntax.

2. Expressive Language: It is an expressive language means that it is easily understandable and readable.

3. Interpreted Language: It is an interpreted-based language which allows the execution of code line by line at a time.

4. Cross platform: It is portable and platform independent language as it can run on almost any platform including Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix etc.

5. Free and Open Source: It is open source and freely available at

6. Object Oriented: It is an Object Oriented Programming language which makes it more applicable in the real world application.

7. Large Standard Library: It has a large standard library which provides rich set of functions and modules that can be used directly in our code.

8. Integrated: It can be easily integrated with low languages such as C, C++, Java etc.

9. GUI Programming: It supports GUI applications that can be created and ported.

10. Databases: It provides interface to all major commercial databases.

11. Automatic Memory Management: It supports automatic memory management which means the memory is cleared and freed automatically.