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    Differential Equations Notes

    Topics in our Differential Equations Notes PDF

    In these “Differential Equations Notes PDF”, you will study the exciting world of differential equations, mathematical modeling and their applications.

    The topics we will cover will be taken from the following list:

    Differential Equations and Mathematical Modeling: Differential equations and mathematical models, Order and degree of a differential equation, Exact differential equations and integrating factors of first order differential equations, Reducible second order differential equations, Applications of first order differential equations to acceleration-velocity model, Growth and decay model.

    Population Growth Models: Introduction to compartmental models, Lake pollution model (with case study of Lake Burley Griffin), Drug assimilation into the blood (case of a single cold pill, case of a course of cold pills, case study of alcohol in the bloodstream), Exponential growth of population, Limited growth of population, Limited growth with harvesting.

    Second and Higher Order Differential Equations: General solution of homogeneous equation of second order, Principle of superposition for a homogeneous equation; Wronskian, its properties and applications, Linear homogeneous and non-homogeneous equations of higher order with constant coefficients, Euler’s equation, Method of undetermined coefficients, Method of variation of parameters, Applications of second order differential equations to mechanical vibrations.

    Analysis of Mathematical Models: Interacting population models, Epidemic model of influenza and its analysis, Predator-prey model and its analysis, Equilibrium points, Interpretation of the phase plane, Battle model and its analysis.

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