JSP Introduction

Java Server Pages (JSP) is a server-side programming technology that is used to create dynamic content in web pages.

A JSP page contains HTML tags and JSP tags. It helps us to insert our java code in HTML pages with the help of special JSP tags which starts with <% and ends with %>.

It is an extension to Servlet as it provides all the functionality of servlet as well as some additional functionality such as Expression language, JSTL, Custom tags etc.

Using JSP, we can easily manage our designing and development logic in separate files.

In the end, the JSP page is converted into the servlet page by the web container in order to the service requests.

Comments in JSP starts with <%-- and ends with --%>.

Advantages of JSP

1. It is easy to maintain and code.

2. It is platform independent as it is built on java technology.

3. It has high performance and high scalability.