Types of Java Applications

We can create mainly 4 types of applications using java programming.

1. Standalone Application

Standalone application is a traditional software that we require to install on every machine. In java, AWT and Swing are used to create standalone applications.

These are also known as desktop or window based applications.

Some examples of standalone applications are Media player, Antivirus etc.

2. Web Application

Web application is an application that runs on server side to create dynamic web pages.

In java, Servlet, JSP, Spring, Hibernate etc are used to create web applications.

3. Enterprise Application

Enterprise application is an application which is distributed such as banking applications etc. These applications have high level security, load balancing and clustering.

In java, EJB is used to create enterprise applications.

4. Mobile Application

Mobile application is an application which is created for mobile devices.

We can use Android and Java ME to create mobile applications.